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Pakistani village life is the traditional rural life of the people of Pakistan.

The rural villagers of Pakistan commonly live in houses made of bricks, clay or mud. These typically have two or three rooms which house extended families. In the modern days they are living by making separate home for each family but they don't live way from each other, they are extending their villages by making more homes. In Gongrani, Baluchistan, people live in homes built within cliff-side caves that are connected by walkways.[1] Most of the villagers are farmers but other rural occupations include blacksmiths, hairdressers and tailorers, shepherds.[1]

The traditional culture of the village is now subject to change due to the effects upon village society from the introduction of modern technology, such as pumps and tube wells for irrigation.[2] Resistance to social and cultural changes exists among Pakistani village inhabitants, and varying methods of managing these changes have been tried.[3]

Socioeconomic status among rural Pakistani villagers is often based upon the ownership of agricultural land, which also may provide social prestige in village cultures.[4] The majority of rural Pakistani inhabitants livelihoods is based upon the rearing of livestock, which also comprises a significant part of Pakistan's gross domestic product.[5] Some livestock raised by rural Pakistanis include cattle and goats.[6]

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A Pakistani farmer in the village of Mahool Baloch in the Loralai district
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It is said that God made the village and human-being made the town. This expresses much of the difference between the two.

Advantages of Village Life

It represents the ideal life of which the poets sing. The life of villagers passes quietly. The works of nature surround the villagers.

The craving of children for the village is a sign that it is the most natural and healthful life for man.

  • In villages the environment is peaceful. Villagers live a simple life.
  • Villagers get abundant opportunity to enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature.
  • People living in villages breathes pure air.
  • People living in villages are more healthier, active, and simpler in habits than the the people living in towns.
  • The quiet and peace of village life give opportunities for thought, study, and mental development, which are impossible in town life.
  • The abundance on pine air, and the more healthy conditions of life, also establishes physical health and strength as town life can never do.

Thus, the rural populations are always the backbone of a village.

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Disadvantages of Village Life

The dwellers in the village miss the conveniences and opportunities of life in town. The educational advantages are often few and difficult to secure, and opportunities for work are far less than in the city.

Life in the village may become dull, and engender a lack of brightness and polish which puts the village people at a disadvantage beside the town dweller.

Ignorance, prejudice, and narrowness, too, are more characteristic of village than of town life.

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Conclusion: The improved train-ways, the post, newspapers, the bicycle, the bus, the motor, and the improved means of intercourse between town and village go far to minimize these drawbacks, so that the dweller in the village need not lack the culture of the town.

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