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This volume, in celebration of Peter Machinist, Hancock Professor of Hebrew and Other Oriental Languages at Harvard University, includes twenty-eight illuminating essays on ancient Near Eastern history and literature, which focus especially on the intersection of these fields. Contributors include one of Machinist’s teachers, several of his students, and numerous colleagues and friends. These essays probe topics for which Machinist’s work has often set new standards. And in the spirit of the honoree and his interests, these comparative studies encompass Babel, Bibel, and more. In them, Assyriologists contend with biblical cruxes and biblicists engage Assyriological research, while classicists and Hittitologists participate with considerations of their respective disciplines within a broad cross-cultural context. The volume is a must for anyone committed to the ongoing comparative study of the ancient Near East, and within that framework, the historical study of the Hebrew Bible.

Peter Machinist

David S. Vanderhooft and Abraham Winitzer

Bibliography of Peter Machinist

Fearful Symmetry: The Poetics, Genre, and Form of Lines 109–118, Tablet I in the Poem of Erra

Yoram Cohen

Menahem’s Reign Before the Assyrian Invasion (2 Kings 15:14–16)

Peter Dubovský

Ethnicity in the Assyrian Empire: A View from the Nisbe, (I): Foreigners and “Special” Inner Communities

Frederick Mario Fales

David and the Ark: A Jerusalem Festival Reflected in Royal Narrative

Daniel E. Fleming

Creation and the Divine Spirit in Babel and Bible: Reflections on mummu in Enūma eliš I 4 and rûaḥ in Genesis 1:2

Eckart Frahm

Niṣirti bārûti: une autre approche

Jean-Jacques Glassner

NB Administrative Terminology and Its Influence in Biblical Literature: Hebrew ארח;ה

Ronnie Goldstein

Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Literatures: A General Introduction

William W. Hallo

Between Elective Autocracy and Democracy: Formalizing Biblical Constitutional Theory

Baruch Halpern

Prosperity and Kingship in Psalms and Inscriptions

Mark W. Hamilton

Redactors, Rationalists, and (Bloodied) Rivers: Some Comments on the First Biblical Plague

John R. Huddlestun

“An Heir Created by Aššur”: Literary Observations on the Rassam Prism (A) of Ashurbanipal

Victor Avigdor Hurowitz*

Literary-Political Motifs in the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions: Measuring Continuity versus Change

Mario Liverani

Of Bears and Men: Thoughts on the End of Šulgi’s Reign and on the Ensuing Succession

Piotr Michalowski

A Hidden Anti-David Polemic in 2 Samuel 6:2

Nadav Naʾaman

The Prophet and the Augur at Tušḫan, 611 b.c.

Martti Nissinen

Assyria and Judean Identity: Beyond the Religionsgeschichtliche Schule

Eckart Otto

Psalm 22:16 and Its Sumerian and Akkadian Analogues

Shalom M. Paul

Do Ideas Travel Lightly?: Early Greek Concepts of Justice in Their Mediterranean Context

Kurt A. Raaflaub

The Rod that Smote Philistia: Isaiah 14:28–32

J. J. M. Roberts

Errant Oxen Or: The Goring Ox Redux

Martha T. Roth

Jephthah: Chutzpah and Overreach in a Hebrew Judge

Jack M. Sasson

The Remembrance of Kings Past: The Persona of King Ibbi-Sin

T. M. Sharlach

Hittite Gods in Egyptian Attire: A Case Study in Cultural Transmission

Itamar Singer*

How Did Šulgi and Išbi-Erra Ascend to Heaven?

Piotr Steinkeller

“War Crimes” in Amos’s Oracles Against the Nations (Amos 1:3–2:3)

Nili Wazana

Grammar and Context: Enki & Ninhursag ll–3 and a Rare Sumerian Construction

Christopher Woods

Towards a Biography of Kish: Notes on Urbanism and Comparison

Norman Yoffee

Index of Authors

Index of Scripture

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG®) Updates

Added to the TLG since early February 2010.
Updated on: 2011-02-16


Updated on: 2010-09-02

2702Michael PSELLUS Epist., Hagiogr., Phil., Polyhist. et Theol.
2721Theodorus PRODROMUS Poeta et Polyhist.
2792Pseudo-MARTYRIUS Scr. Eccl.
2876THEODORUS Biogr. et Hagiogr.
2896ANASTASIUS Sinaïta Theol.
3368GERONTIUS Hagiogr.

3369DANIEL SCETIOTA Biogr. et Hagiogr.
4042SOPHRONIUS Epigr., Scr. Eccl. et Soph.
4092Gregorius PARDUS Gramm. et Rhet.
5122VITA LEONIS CATANIAE Biogr. et Hagiogr.
5123VITA S. AUXENTII Hagiogr.
5124VITA S. PELAGIAE Hagiogr.
5125VITAE S. DANIELIS STYLITAE Biogr. et Hagiogr.
9039Franciscus SCUFUS Epist. et Rhet.

Updated on: 2010-05-06
2274HESYCHIUS Illustrius Hist.
3074Constantinus MANASSES Hist. et Poeta
3286Andronicus CALLISTUS
9030Constantinus HARMENOPULUS Theol.
9035Georgius TRAPEZUNTIUS Phil.
9036Papa SYNADINUS Chronogr.
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG®) Update in AWOL,  February 2, 2010

See more TLG News here

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Open Access Collections: The Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan Library & Museum: Ancient Near Eastern Seals & Tablets
The Morgan's seals collection is one of the most distinguished in the United States and among the best known in the world. Generally only an inch in height, engraved seals are among the smallest objects ever produced by sculptors. They were carved in great detail with simple tools on semiprecious stones. These engraved objects provide a continuous artistic and chronological sequence of more than three thousand years. The seals collection covers all the significant styles of Mesopotamian engraving from the end of the fifth millennium B.C. to the fourth century B.C. as well as most of the styles of other countries of the ancient Near East. Areas of particular strength include seals of the second millennium B.C. made outside southern Mesopotamia (Cappadocia, Syria, and Mitannia) as well as Old Babylonian and Neo-Assyrian seals. The Middle Assyrian seals are among the finest in any collection.

Pierpont Morgan collected nearly three thousand cuneiform tablets, the bulk of which are now in the Yale Babylonian Collection, which he founded. The Morgan's collection also includes cuneiform tablets and a few outstanding art objects from the ancient Near East.

Between 1885 and 1908, the American collector William Hayes Ward assembled, probably on Pierpont Morgan's behalf, a collection of 1,157 seals. This became the core of the Morgan's holdings. Two additional major gifts—the collection of Robert F. Kelley, given by his sister Caroline M. Burns in 1977, and that of Jonathan P. Rosen, given in 1986—have enhanced the Morgan's holdings in this area.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Open Access Journal: Acta historica et archaeologica mediaevalia

Acta historica et archaeologica mediaevalia (AHAM) (ISSN 0212-2960) és una revista el contingut de la qual respon al seu objectiu: donar a conèixer la tasca de recerca dels membres del Departament d'Història Medieval, Paleografia i Diplomàtica de la Universitat de Barcelona. Tanmateix és una revista de recerca oberta a tots els historiadors d'Història Medieval, tant nacionals com foranis, com es pot veure en el contingut de la mateixa des de la publicació del seu primer número fins a l'actual.

El contingut de la revista està estructurat en diversos camps de recerca: "Fonts i Documents de l'Època Medieval", "Ciències i Tècniques Historiogràfiques", "Història de l'Època Medieval", "Arqueologia Medieval i Història de l'Art", "Miscel·lània" i "Regests" de llibres arribats a la redacció d'AHAM.

Els articles o treballs es publiquen en qualsevulla llengua de la Comunitat Europea. Fins ara els idiomes en ús han estat: català, castellà, gallec, francès, italià i anglès.

Friday, February 18, 2011

(Partially) Open Access Journal: Aegaeum


[While Aegaeum has been in the List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies since late 2009, it has not had it's own entry in AWOL before today].

Out of print volumes are available online.  As of today, these include:
  • 1 "Thanatos. Les coutumes funéraires en Egée à l'âge du Bronze". Actes du colloque de Liège, 21-23 avril 1986, édités par Robert Laffineur  
  • 5 Aegean Seals, Sealings and Administration. Proceedings of the NEH-Dickson Conference of the Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory of the Department of Classics, University of Texas at Austin, January 11-13, 1989, edited by Thomas G. Palaima : 250 pages, 40 planches hors-texte  
  • 7 "Thalassa. L'Egée préhistorique et la mer." Actes de la 3e Rencontre égéenne internationale de l'Université de Liège, Station de recherches sous-marines et océanographiques, Calvi, Corse, 23-25 avril 1990, édités par Robert Laffineur et Lucien Basch : 324 pages, 65 planches hors-texte   
  • 12 "Politeia. Society and State in the Aegean Bronze Age." Proceedings of the 5th International Aegean Conference / 5e Rencontre égéenne internationale, University of Heidelberg, Archäologisches Institut, 10-13 April 1994, edited by Robert Laffineur and Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier : 2 volumes, 674 pages, 75 planches hors texte   
  • 18 The Aegean and the Orient in the Second Millennium, Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Symposium, University of Cincinnati, 18-20 April 1997. E.H. CLINE and D. HARRIS-CLINE, eds.   
  • 22 "POTNIA. Deities and Religion in the Aegean Bronze Age" Proceedings of the 8th International Aegean Conference Göteborg,Göteborg University, 12-15 April 2000, edited by Robert Laffineur and Robin Hägg, 1 volume, 496 p., 108 pl. hors texte  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Open Access Journal: University Museums and Collections Journal

University Museums and Collections Journal

About the Journal
The University Museums and Collections Journal is a peer-reviewed, on-line journal for the
proceedings of the International Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC), a
Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The Journal will appear at least once a
year. It is completely on-line and no hard-copy formal publication is available. However, the Journal is
an Open Access journal and is available free of charge or printing on demand is available at cost price. 

The goals of the University Museums and Collections Journal are to provide global, inclusive access
and distribution and to improve the museums, galleries and collections within universities worldwide
by stimulating discussion of relevant issues and concerns. 

Funding and Support
UMAC is responsible for the major costs of the Journal. It receives additional support from Humboldt
University of Berlin, Germany, in the form of a guarantee that the Journal will be archived and its
information will be accessible in the future.
The International Council of Museums (ICOM) provided a special grant to get the Journal started.
With your membership, UMAC is able to publish the Journal. UMAC, as an International Committee of
ICOM, receives funding from ICOM according to the number of its members. If you have found the
Journal helpful, please support its existence by joining ICOM and choose UMAC as your Committee
of choice!
University Museums and Collections Journal 4/2011
University Museums and Collections Journal 3/2010
University Museums and Collections Journal 2/2009
University Museums and Collections Journal 1/2008
Proceedings 2006
Proceedings 2005
Proceedings 2004
Proceedings 2003
Proceedings 2002
Proceedings 2001

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