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In the bunch of the sites with different purposes and similar terms and policies, this site 123helpme.com looks as the really fresh air with the new idea of the helping in paper writing. As the one customer said in the review, the legit of the papers they send you is not questionable and the only you need to do is to use in your writing.

The idea of the offering the papers which are written by somebody else (who knows when that’s happened) and which are already available on the internet seems pretty much clever. Because of that, the site and service can’t be used and explained simply as other sites. They will not provide testimonials because they are not important at all and people actually can’t complain about something which this site didn’t write. 123helpme doesn’t have writers, discount code or other from the list of usual features.

The prices are low or don’t exist. Be honest and say have you expect something like that? That’s possible because they have something which is called Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) and it will show you if somebody wanted to charge a paper which is already free somewhere on the internet. So, yes, you can get something for free there! Doesn’t that make 123helpme.com amazing?

Well, there is something which is not that great as you may think at first place. The paperwork they offer wasn’t written by them or their writers, so they can send you bad or poor work with questionable quality which can’t be sent back. You’ll get what you see, and in their defense, they give to the customer a short introduction so you can see what is written there. But, after you pay for the whole work, they will give you just a little longer version, so you practically can pay for extra 100 words. That’s not professional, isn’t it?

The support is very awkward and slow, being connected with the e-mail and not chat as we used to see. That means, you send them an e-mail and they will answer to you. Isn’t it a stupid and old way of resolving the problem? And after all, delivery and usability of the paper are not their problems, because, they didn’t write the paper you got, so you don’t have a right to complain about that.

The variety of service at 123helpme.com means the long list of the topics you can research and find what you feel that’s needed or can help you in writing or any other circumstances. If you can’t find the topic you need, you can simply use a keyword research and find what you need. The special offer is a scale of the colors, which show the reliability of the paper you got. Some of the papers are on the internet for a long time without changing, and those will be marked with red color, orange color is for the papers with the many grammar mistakes, yellow with many wrong and not trusted information and the scale finish with the green which shows that the information in the paper is clear and from the trustworthy sites.

Now, something about the money. Being a service which researches the internet for you and doesn’t provide writing of the new and unique papers, 123helpme doesn’t have a price per page as other services. Some of the documents are for free and some are not, but besides that they don’t offer any other free features. With this policy, we just can hope that papers they send are written by professional writers; even it could happen a long time ago.

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