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Essay on Drowning in Guilt: Review of The Kite Runner

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“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do,” Voltaire once said. Every choice in life comes with a consequence that follows. A common consequence is guilt, a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that you have done something wrong. Amir, the main character in The Kite Runner, discovers the consequence of guilt after making decisions throughout his childhood that were destructive. Khaled Hosseini describes the destructive ability of guilt to consume one’s life through the the relationships of Amir and Hassan, Baba and Ali, and Amir and Sohrab.
The guilt that Amir feels due to his destroyed relationship with Hassan haunts him throughout his entire life. First, Hosseini uses the scene of Hassan’s rape as a haunting source of…show more content…

Like a harelip” (297). This scar that will forever be a part of Amir reminds him of Hassan who has a scar from his surgery Baba gives him shortly before their friendship is ruined. As Amir’s life goes on, he is troubled by the guilt that consumes his life from destroying his and Hassan’s relationship.
Guilt is established through the relationship of Baba and Ali by showing the betrayal of a close friend. One way to reveal the guilt in Baba and Ali’s relationship is through the power that guilt has to make one feel the need to redeem oneself. This is shown through Baba after betraying Ali. Early in the novel, Amir iss describing how good of a person Baba is and includes building an orphanage in Kabul (13). This selfless action is one of the ways Baba tries to redeem himself from his sins he commits in the past and covers up his guilt. Another way to reveal the guilt in Baba and Ali’s relationship is through the symbolism of Baba getting a plastic surgeon to fix Hassan’s cleft lip for his birthday (45). The importance of the plastic surgery is shown through Baba’s effort to fix the flaws in his and Ali’s relationship that he has created when he has an affair with Sanaubar. This birthday gift given by Baba symbolizes the effort to repair a broken bond and is directly toward the result of the betrayal and sin Baba committed: Hassan. The final way to reveal the guilt in Baba and Ali’s relationship is through the ability guilt

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Guilt and Conscience in Shakespeare’s Macbeth Essay

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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the theme of guilt and conscience is one of many explored throughout the play. Macbeth, is a well respected Scottish noble who in the beginning of the play is a man everyone looks up to; however as the play progresses he makes a number of bad decisions. Eventually, as a result of his actions he suffers guilt and this plays heavily upon his character until his personality is completely destroyed. Shakespeare uses a range of techniques in order to develop this theme such as, characters, imagery.

Shakespeare uses the title character of Macbeth to effectively develop the theme of guilt and conscience in his play. Several times in the play we see Macbeth’s character crumbling as a result of a guilty conscience. At…show more content…

Macbeth’s conscience is further tormented after he kills Duncan. He begins to get paranoid and hallucinates, hearing voices saying, “Sleep, Sleep no more! For Macbeth has murdered sleep”.
As well as seeing the ghost of his murdered friend Banquo at the diner table, he also develops insomnia, and goes so far on as to suggest that he is jealous of Duncan because he can sleep forever whereas he cannot sleep at all. He also loses his appetite and can no longer eat well; this shows that his insides are turning with the memory that he himself had killed a King who had been so good to him and to Scotland. After getting Banquo killed, Macbeth sees his ghost at the banquet with twelve bloody gashes in his head; this makes Macbeth completely insane in an instant. He is not only scared by seeing the ghost of Banquo, but also by the thought that he had done these horrible things, and that his soul would be haunted by his murdered friends ghost for ever. It is through the main characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth that this theme of guilt and conscience is so vividly portrayed.

Likewise at the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth is a very strong character, but this strength crumbles as the play progresses due to her guilty conscience. At the beginning Lady Macbeth tries to muster the strength to force her kind natured husband into killing Duncan. She says things like, “unsex me here” in an attempt to muster

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