Jamo Studio S 428 Hcs/350 Communication Style Case Study

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COMMUNICATION STYLE CASE STUDY 2 Communication Style Case Study “Communication is a combination of verbal and non-verbal behaviors integrated for the purpose of sharing information” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p. 163). Effective communication with coworkers is essential in health care to ensure positive patient outcomes. When delegating tasks the nurse must be clear and concise. Three separate scenarios and the communication styles are reviewed in each case study. The styles of communication for discussion will be passive, aggressive, and assertive. A personal scenario will identify an interaction between a staff member and myself and the style of communication. The analysis will discuss strategies for effective communication with staff personnel. Communication Case Study One: Rashad was present during a team meeting with staff personnel. Role clarification for assistive personnel is one of the topics. Rashad thought part of his job description includes anticipating toileting and hygiene care for the patients he attends. One of the registered nurses in a loud voice states that Rashad is not to think only to listen and respond when a nurse gives him instructions. The aide, Rashad sat quietly for fear of retaliation from the nurse and loss of his job (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). The nurse’s communication style was aggressive. The intention is to embarrass and belittle the aide by what she interprets is her power of authority. Stating he is not to think when caring for patients but only to function as instructed by the nurses is a deliberate attempt to hurt the feelings of Rashad and boost her personal ego of superiority and dominance.

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