Ap Stat Chapter 9 Homework Clipart

AP Statistics – Chapter 9 Notes: Sampling Distributions 9.1 – Sampling Distributions Parameter – a number that describes a population (usually unknown) Statistics – a number that describes a sample (used to estimate a parameter) Symbols used Sample Statistic Population Parameter Proportions ˆ p p Means x  Sampling Distribution – the distribution of all values taken by a statistic in all possible samples of the same size from the same population A statistic is called an unbiased estimator of a parameter if the mean of its sampling distribution is equal to the parameter being estimated Important Concepts for unbiased estimators  The mean of a sampling distribution will always equal the mean of the population for any sample size  The spread of a sampling distribution is affected by the sample size, not the population size . Specifically, larger sample sizes result in smaller spread.

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