American International College Application Essay

We use more than 200 data points about you and your target college. Our unique algorithm takes many factors into account, including your grades and test scores, the academic rigor of your high school curriculum, your extracurricular activities, personal details, and just about everything else in your profile. We also consider numerous factors about the college, including the grades and scores of students who have been admitted in the past, the school's selectivity, the gender and ethnic makeup of the school, and others. We use data from multiple government and private sources, plus information provided by the schools themselves.

For best results, make sure you fill out your Cappex profile accurately and completely. A very wide orange bar means that we don't have enough information to give you an accurate rating. (Make sure your entire profile is filled out, especially your test scores and GPA.) A very narrow orange bar means that the calculator has enough information, and our estimate of your chances of getting in is reliable for the vast majority of cases. Of course there are always exceptions - the odds are never 100%, and we don't guarantee you will get into any college. Your individual circumstances and qualifications may also qualify you for admission in situations where someone of comparable standing will be rejected.

Use the Calculator like you would any other source — as a tool to help you plan and prioritize your college search. College is an important decision, so use the Calculator to provide one piece of the puzzle. Always get advice from high school counselors, admissions representatives, parents and others in your college search - people who know you better than any computer can.


AIC is like America itself. The diversity of our students—their backgrounds, their ideas, their drive—creates a dynamic network of social and intellectual strength. It is a compassionate, supportive, focused network where our entire community—students, faculty and staff—push each other forward.

People have big goals here. At AIC, we’re committed to creating an environment in which every student is empowered to advance far from where they started. Through college. Through graduate studies. And throughout their lives. So join us. And see where going to AIC can help you go in life.

Undergraduate Application

No matter what you’re interested in studying, AIC has a program that will set you on a path to a rewarding career, and professors dedicated to helping you learn in a supportive environment. Apply online to our undergraduate program.

Graduate Application

AIC’s accredited graduate programs and dedicated faculty will challenge you to succeed and provide the training you need to excel in your chosen field. Apply online to our graduate programs.

Applying for Financial Aid at AIC

We know college can be expensive, but we truly believe that AIC offers a real value, plus an education that will prepare you for a successful future career. What’s more, 99% of our full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid or grants. We’re dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to a quality, affordable education. And we do everything we can to make the process of applying for financial aid easy. As soon as you’ve received your admission letter, you may apply for financial aid.

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