Bf3 How To Get M1911 S-Tac Assignment Of Lease

This tutorial will teach you how to obtain the M1911 pistol with a flashlight and a suppressor both equipped in Battlefield 3; in my opinion, one of the best secondary weapons in the game. (This guide is assuming you have brought or ‘obtained’ the Endgame DLC or Premium. Without the Endgame DLC, the assignments to unlock this weapon stay hidden.)

Unlocking the M1911 S-TAC pistol in Battlefield 3 can be quite confusing, mainly because there is one assignment to obtain the M1911, and four other dog-tag assignments that lead up to it. Don’t bother going for the assignments before unlocking them: they won’t count. Each of the assignments apart from the last all unlock dog tags that can be equipped! The assignments, with a small guide on each one, are:

THe M1911 S-TAC has both a suppressor and a flashlight, making it the only pistol to have both

Scar Spangled Banner

–          Win a game of capture the flag

–          Capture 2 flags

–          Get 5 flag returns

–          Unlocks Scar Spangled Banner dog tag

Pretty simple, just join a few capture the flag games and play the objective. To capture a flag, get the enemy flag to your base, and to get a return, kill an enemy that has your flag and capture it like you would a territory in conquest. This shouldn’t take too long and is not much of a challenge unless you do not understand the game mode or do not play the objective.

Defender of the earth

–          Destroy 5 air vehicles in the anti-air jeeps

–          Unlocks ‘fly swatter’ dog tag

Spend a few minutes/hours staring in the sky with the AA jeeps and you should get this one fine. Just make sure you destroy the air vehicles: it doesn’t matter whether you get the kill or not, just make sure the vehicle cannot be repaired and you get the XP for destroying it. You can only use missiles and weaponry on the jeep in the second seat, so make sure you get there. It would help to not join a squad, so teammates don’t steal seat 2 / start driving around and ruining your aim. Also, in the AA jeeps, as well as heatseekers they also have rocket pods which, at the time of writing, are pretty powerful. Just press triangle and the crosshairs should change.

Fatal Drop

–          Get one infantry kill with an airdropped IFV

–          Destroy transport vehicle kill with an airdropped IFV

–          Destroy one IFV with an airdropped IFV

–          Unlocks ‘look up’ dog tag

This one can be a real pain if you are weak in ground vehicles or  the enemy IFV is not being used. The easiest way to get this is to capture the territory that gets your team the dropship (usually somewhere in the middle of the map, has a symbol next to it) and wait for a while to spawn in the ‘paradrop IFV’. It does not matter if the IFV is a LAV or a BMP, they both count. Make sure you get there quickly, so nobody else has a chance to get in the driver’s seat, which is the only one that can destroy other IFVs. Now you get a pretty awesome animation of you parachuting down in a light tank. Just play as you normally would when you land, but make sure you always make the most of enemy IFVs when they come, or you see them on your radar, and make sure they get destroyed. It is possible to spawn camp the enemy and just shoot their LAV when somebody gets in it, but staying still makes you an easy target for just about anything so I like to keep moving. Having a maxed out IFV with upgrades helps a lot. This one can by irritating and frustrating, but shouldn’t be too bad if you are handy in an IFV.

This assignment unlocks:

–          Destroy 20 vehicles

–          Get one dirt bike roadkill

–          Unlocks ‘road warrior’ dog tag

The roadkill may look scary, but it’s easier than it sounds from my experience: I got a triple kill with roadkills while going through this one. I just drove around in capture the flag, watching out for mines and driving full pelt at infantry when I saw them. Destroying 20 vehicles is very easy; I found the quickest way to be to launch up an Air Superiority game, as every kill you can get has to be a destroy. If you are weak in jets or just can’t stand the mode, I guess you could just continue playing as you normally would, maybe with extra use of mines and C4.

All about Precision

–          Get 20 headshots with pistols

–          Unlocks S-TAC dog tag and M91 S-TAC pistol

This is the last assignment, and it unlocks the M191 S-TAC. It is also very easy, which is nice: just start a TDM and aim for the head with any pistol you wish. I got it in one game. Once the assignment is completed, check your secondary list. The M1911 S-TAC should be there! This one unlocks a pretty nice dog tag too, like he others.

Please comment, reblog or whatever it is you people do if this helped you in any way or if you have any questions. Good luck on the Battlefield!

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Question about the M1911

I was looking at "Gladys" and I was wondering, How the hell do you clean that thing? Don't you have to press that button below the barrel to take out the slide? Wouldn't the compensator block that button? --Ardtanker14 02:15, 1 December 2010 (UTC)


do you know what the CIA and the FBI carry for side arms?

I know that you are busy but you should try to get and imfdb app for the ipod or ipod touch that would be really cool you should talk to Bunny about it Toasty 22:13, 2 February 2011 (UTC)


Sorry about the Brandon Soo Hoo thing. I was busy working on summer school stuff I had to do for the summer. - Kenny99

Future Weapons

Hey GM, why don't we try to do Future Weapons together?

Helicopter in The Marine

Hey GM, That helicopter image you posted in "The Marine" under the acetaline M61 Vulcan was origionally from the scene in Rambo III where Traughman gets captured. Rockwolf66 06:55, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Re:Shoot 'Em Up Glocks

Yes, I realised the mistake but I think the picture of the thug with the Glock is a compact 19.-GunnutHk


Hi, i know i was just testing out how it would be like to put up an image, anyway, why didn't you delete my Browning Hi-power pic? Oh yeah, and i added screencaps to Quantum of Solace go check it out. anyway, have you noticed that Wesley's style of holding his gun changes almost everytime. and his gun handling is unique, i have never seen it on anyone before, Wanted is my fav. movie.

Quantum of Solace

Have you checked out my Quantum of Solace pics? the one whith bond aiming his PPK is just a promotional image that i didn't upload, if you could, please upload Quantum of Solace screencaps.

Hello my name is Toasty (well not my real name0 but I was wondering if you had the power of making someone an admin. because if you do I know someone who would really like to be one (if you're wondering if its me its not) if you have the answer just write it on my discussion page if it is not classified.

Dirty Harry

Just so you know, Rafa has already done most of the Dirty Harry films. They could use a re-vamp, though, as most of them are missing stuff that we usually consider essential to a good page.


Interestingly enough, I talked to my uncle (who is from West Hurley, NY; dunno if you've ever been there) a few weeks before I moved to Texas, and he was telling me excitedly about how he purchased an STI Guardian 1911 last month. If I ever go back there, I might just have to shoot it. Actually, I get the impression he wouldn't let me rest until I do...

Anyway, to answer your question, I must point out that I rarely get to shoot at all, which is mostly a consequence of the fact that I was in college out-of-state for four years, and recently moved to another state to take a job. However, I've never been a huge fan of .45 ACP pistols, which I've simply never handled well. My grandfather gave me a S&W 4506 when I turned 18, and it's really a monster (I haven't shot it in about 4 years now). I've fired only one 1911 which also belonged to my uncle, a Springfield Armory if I recall. Great gun, but still not quite up my alley. Of the .45s I have shot, I would say I liked the P220 SAO best, but even then, not enough to buy. Don't get me wrong; I completely respect the 1911 and appreciate its importance to the development of the semi-auto pistol, but I don't shoot much, and I'm just not big into .45 ACP when I do, even though most American pistol shooters are. Also, I should point out that while I prefer the Taurus PT92 over the Beretta due to the 1911-style frame-mounted controls, I still like the SIG decocker best, which is why I'm currently leaning towards the P226 as a handgun purchase (which won't be anytime soon, since I'm not living in my state of residence right now).

BTW, nice job on improving the 1911 page. It's not perfect (lots of images still not aligned with the guns they're supposed to be with), but it does look a lot less sloppy than it used to. Keep working on those movie pages, too! -MT2008

Depends. If you can get a Tokarev pic, great. I do, of course, have a slight preference for MPM2008's pictures because his are always done professionally, but yours would still be great, too...if you can get it.
Don't worry about corrections. We all make mistakes. If it seems like we pick on you, it's just that you do so much work on this site that it's inevitable you'll have a lot errors, too. I mean, think of the Hard Boiled page...when you've got like 50 guns, how can you NOT get so tired that your eye slips on some of them?
It's fine, bruh...whenever you get time. It's for the site, not for me personally.
Oh, yeah, and while I appreciate the corrections on my mis-identification of Mossbergs (I suck with those), doesn't the Cruiser have a heat shield as standard? The ones in Training Day and The Departed don't have that, so does that just make them regular pistol-gripped 500s?

New stuff

Ah, great to see someone finally made a page for the Walther MP subguns. We've needed one for a while, and it's been on my to-do list, but I see you beat me to it! I hope you don't mind, but I did re-title the page so that it instead says "Walther MP series", to more accurately describe what it says. Also (this is totally nitpicky), there's no hyphen in the name (i.e. "MP-L" should just be "MPL"), so I did change that, too.

Thanks for uploading a Type 84 picture as well. MPM2008 said he'd do it for me at some point, but he couldn't find the mags for the Type 84s in his company's vault, so he wasn't going to take a picture until he could find them. Yours will do for now, tho. Also, do you think we should give it its own entry in the AK-47 page? I mean, the Type 84 is basically just a Type 56 that fires .223, so I figured it would be best to just include it under the Type 56 entry as a Type 56 variation. Though I guess that would get confusing...

I added it to the AK page in the Norinco section already. And when I found the info for the Walther MP guns, they had hyphens for the L & Ks.
Oh, I know you added the Type 84 already; I'm just question whether it should be grouped with Norinco Type 56. Anyway, didn't you get those pics from World They don't use the hyphen. Which site did you get your info from?
My information is from a book, the pictures are from that site.
OK, interesting. Which book is it? It doesn't matter too much, I guess, but everything I've read has no hyphen. I have a Gun Digest Assault Weapons issue from 1986 which reviews the MPK, and that's what they call it, not "MP-K".
"Small Arms From the Civil War to the Present Day" by Martin J. Dougherty made in 2005. He lists them as the MP-L and MP-K. Like you said, it doesn't really matter much.

Your articles


You know I really like your articles, but I must make one request: Please try to add pictures of the guns, and also make sure that when you say the gun's name, you link to its page (if you've seen the Heat page recently, you'll notice I edited the guns you added to include pictures and links). I realize it's probably a pain in the ass, especially when you've got a gazillion weapons like your articles for Hollow Point or Last Action Hero, but try to do it when you get around to it. You can always do what I do: Copy and paste the code for the images and links from other pages which use the same gun, especially if the coding is complicated (i.e. getting to a specific MP5 variant). -MT2008

First of all, no page on IMFDB can escape MT2008's obsessive-compulsive editing tendencies! Haha, no, seriously, if you look at many of the pages I've worked on, I'm always editing them from time-to-time as I realize mistakes I've made. Plus, my pages rarely get shotguns or revolvers correct (since modern military weapons and semi-auto pistols are what I know best); I tend to leave them as "unknown" for other users in the future to correct.
As far as profanity goes, I dunno, I'm not one of the admins (come to think of it, I haven't seen any of them for a LONG time now). I'd guess it's OK provided you're just quoting a character (as you do on the Heartbreak Ridge page), but not if you're using it gratuitously, especially in conversation. You'd have to ask someone in charge for the low-down on that.

Current stuff

Just an FYI: Since I see you're working so hard on your Hollow Point page, I guess now's not the time, but...I recall there being an H&K-model rifle (probably an HK91) used by one of the police snipers in The Fugitive.

As far as the grenade launcher in Hollow Point, it does look a lot like the Arwen 37 (Google Image search it and you'll see pics), but I'm not positive. I've seen it before, too...I think in another movie somewhere.

You sure? I watched it twice and saw no HK91 rifle. And I said it was a MK1 Arwen, the oldest model employed, which he stole from a police car, which makes sense for a cop in 1996 to use one. And I've finally finished the Hollow Point page.

I remember it being at the very end, after he's been cleared and Gerard is escorting him out, you see a sniper wandering around with what looks like an HK91 or an SR9 variant. But I haven't seen the movie in years.

You should get a picture of the Arwen launcher for your page. Also, I'm pretty sure that tiny shotgun you see is a Franchi PA3/215 with a forward hand grip. I could be wrong (it's hard to tell from the distance), but I've never seen a Serbu with a folding stock, and I never thought they existed.


You should replace my screenshot of Trejo's AK's front sight with yours. Mine is from a low-quality AVI rip of the movie.

Also, what's a "P220-1"? I don't think I've ever heard that term used to describe a P220 before. Are you just referring to the fact that it's an older model P220 with a stamped slide and alloy frame?

It's what someone else listed it as earlier before. I assume it is meant to label the oldr model but I too haven't heard the term, I just went along with it. I don't change something unless it looks wrong or I think it is. Leave your username so I can respond back to you.
Oh, right, I always forget to do that. Personally, I wish IMFDB would add an option to automatically sign messages on other people's walls.
From what I've been reading, "P220-1" is apparently what some magazines for the gun are marked. I also see that the picture you found on a Google image search is also labeled "P220-1". I don't think it's a factory term (or even a fan-made term) for older-model P220s. I've heard the term "P220 American" to describe the P220s that have the magazine release near the decocker (as opposed to the bottom of the grip, which characterized the early European models) because this was apparently done specifically for the American market. -MT2008
Well, it's a bit more complicated with SIG than with Glock to label things in "Generations". I have certainly heard terms like "Gen 1" and "Gen 2" to describe Glocks (in fact, I often use them in my own articles), but when it comes to SIGs, they've made a zillion little changes to the guns every couple years to refine problems that developed. Like the moves from stamped to milled slides, K-kote and stainless finishes, magazine release changes, standard frames to railed frames (which are now standard on all of the P220-series guns, so they don't use the "R" to describe them anymore), etc, etc, etc. Plus, there were mechanical changes (i.e. redesign of the trigger bar spring) and ergonomic changes (i.e. redesign of the grips). These aren't changes that were introduced in any concrete "generations"; any SIG pistol you pick up might have some of the design changes, but lack others.
So I'm not really sure how each "generation" would be described exactly. In fact, it'd be kind of weird to call the gun in your picture a "Gen 1" because that's technically not true - the very first P220 was the model with the magazine release on the bottom of the grip, which was eventually replaced by what gun rags used to call the "P220 American" (the first model to feature the regular push-button mag release, and the best description for McCauley's gun). Would that make McCauley's gun a Gen 2? I'm not really sure. -MT2008
Oh, I know Glock gens. Those are quite easy in comparison, even though there have been some internal mechanical changes to Glocks as well within generations.
All-metal SIGs are nice guns, IMO. I can definitely say I'd love to own a P226 as soon as I can get my permit application completed (which sucks because in Orange County, NC, I have to get 3 references from other people before I can apply for a pistol purchase permit at the local sheriff's dept. office). It's one of the most ergonomic pistol designs I've ever fired. However, you gotta be careful with what you buy because they've had lots of mechanical issues over the years. I also think they're kind of overpriced for what you get. But...still very nice guns.
Congrats on the new compensator for the 1911. Have fun with that! BTW, nice job on The Rock page. I've been making corrections (as usual, because, you know...that's what I do), but it's cool you got so many high-quality screenshots uploaded.

Defense Technologies

Here is a picture of what the DefTech/Federal Labs launcher looks like:

These have appeared in quite a few films, often portrayed as HE grenade launchers (RoboCop 3 is a good example). Anyway, it could be a C.A.W., but the arms of the folding stock visible in the second pic look kind of like DefTech to me. Hopefully, Al Vrkljan will start posting on this site again soon so that we can ask him!

Great Work!

Thanks for uploading the poster for the Catch a Fire page. I have also seen your pages and screenshots, and I would like to say they are great. Thanks for your contributions to the IMFDB, and keep up the good work. Alienqueen11


I'm sorry, but I don't have any pictures of the guns I held years ago. the handguns I held are my Uncle's, he's a retired police officer, and I'm not sure if he'll let me look at them again because you know how some people are about firearms, but I can tell you that the .22 pistol was a very small if that will help. And also, there is another page larger then Bad Boys II, and it's MoviePropMaster2008's District B13 with 37 guns. User: Alienqueen11


Thanks for identifying the shotguns on the Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem page, I hope the brighter screenshots helped. I still can't believe how dark that movie is, I know there's a blackout, but they didn't need to make the movie that dark. And also, I want to say excellent job on Toy Soldiers. Alienqueen11

About Language

Hey, I want to say good work on Heartbreak Ridge, there are so many pages on this site that need improvement. Also, I see you're wondering about language, I'm a moderator myself, and from I see, Bunni, the person who owns the site dosen't seem to mind as long as it is used in a quote or complaint, and not for vandalism. Just don't use anything racist, but I'm sure you won't. Alienqueen11

OK, that's what I figured, too, but I wanted to be sure. I did notice that some of the quotes which appear on the Main Page have profanity (like the one from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels), but it's an issue that's never been addressed at all.

MGS4 M1911A1

Hey, Gunmaster, I seen your comment on the MGS4 page and found a link that might help:


There you go, hope this helps. This game looks so great, it makes me wish I had a PS3. Alienqueen11

.50 Caliber 1911?

Yes, there is a .50 Caliber 1911. Guncrafter Industries Model No. 1 .50 GI. The bullet is roughly the same dimensions as the .45 ACP, just a little wider. Not the most practical gun, but it's a .50 1911 model.

Also, the Automag V is the .50 caliber version, The Automag III is chambered for .30 Carbine (I actually got to play with one of these, slide is loooooong.) Not to be snide or cocky, you know your material, just saying.

Furthermore, I commend you with your eagle eyes spotting all the famous movieguns we've seen time and time again. Gun guys have to stick together, especially the next generation. If you ever want to contact me outside the site, email me at [email protected], or if you have an AIM account I'll be more than happy to IM. Keep up the great work.

Nice work on Platoon

It's shaping up nicely - I just made it the featured article on the front page. bunni 00:35, 7 September 2008 (UTC)

Other answers (sorry for belated delivery)

.."how is it you take a picture of a gun and get a perfectly white clear background? What method is used to get that effect?"

I put the weapons on a clear plexiglass frame mount which I built from scratch. I place them in front of a seamless white paper backdrop. I illuminate the gun from one side with a large Arriflex Soft box and a smaller Lowel RIFA soft box on the other side. Sometimes I just put an LTM pepper on spots to lighten up dark areas. Then I put an Arriflex 1K on wide flood on the backdrop to whiten it out. I still need to erase some of the clear plexiglass mount (nothing is invisible, even clear transparent stuff) with Photoshop, but since most of the work is done before I download it onto the computer, it becomes much easier. I also move back at least ten feet and photograph the gun with a telephoto lens. This eliminates the 'warp' distortion of a wide angle lens when photographing a gun. Too many gun images are distorted because the photographer is too close ... and I see a lot of guy's feet at the bottom of the picture.

.."I've noticed that the M14 and M21 rifle pictures on this site aren't really that great..."

Done. Hope you like :) I will get some pics of M21s soon.

.."Thanks for fixing up that page, I was told by MT2008 it was a Colt Launcher, I guess it was a Cobray. ..."

I inundated MT2008 with info that there was no Colt launcher. Personally I didn't know who made or updated the page, he just sent me a note asking my opinion ... and SLAM! I dumped a bunch of stuff on him questioning the Colt claim. good thing he didn't get offended. hahaha I just responded to his query on my talk page. :)

.."Finding the pictures of them was probably the hardest thing on the page. Do you think we should keep the M203 to launcher comparison picture or is it irrelevant? -GM.."

The net has CRAPPY images. It's really hard, which is why I just pull out the stuff myself and take my own photos of it. I liked the idea of keeping a reference image. I am tempted to take a side by side pic myself (and not violate anyone else's copyright) and keep the clean white backdrop of the other pics. But I do have a couple of pics comparing them on the M16 page, i.e. mounted on rifles.
Yeah, the "Colt 37mm Flare Launcher" thing is completely my fault. I dunno why I thought they were made by Colt, but I swore I heard that term somewhere on the 'Net. Just goes to show why fact-checking is always mucho importante! But seriously, I'm glad MPM is always here to catch my goofs. See, GM, that's kinda how it works...I catch yours, he catches mine, and then everything works out for the better. -MT2008

Last Action Hero

I remember working peripherally (I helped out on some of the props, but wasn't on the armory staff at the time) on that film. Everyone DURING production was moaning about how dumb it was. And it was pretty dumb. I guess the people (NOT the stars) who work on films can actually tell if a movie is stinker when it's actually being filmed, I remember all of us laughing at the RAMBO III script when we saw it. Anyway, I will look for that pistol, but I'm not making any promises. I sure don't have one and off the top of my head, I don't know anyone who does. But I can ask around.

Also, Just a note, I really think that the MAC-10 in the film is actually MAC-11s (or possibly Cobray M11s, but I can't see how long the receivers are). They're much too small to be MAC-10s. I have average sized hands and MAC-10s are monstrously huge in my hands. Unless those stuntmen are giants, I think those are MAC-11s. Also it's funny that you DID note what I said about TEC-DC9s (being that they were usually seen in films after 1990). Apparently someone was listening. hahahaha.  :) But those in the photos of Arnold, are in fact TEC-9s, not TEC-DC9s. they have the sling mount in front so they're TEC-9s. Also I don't remember if they fired full auto in the film, but as far as I know, all the TEC-DC9s in Hollywood inventory are semi auto only. All the full auto ones are legal full auto conversions of TEC-9s. Only Miami Vice and a couple of other shows in the early 1980s used the old InterDynamics KG-99s. But most of the full auto guns you see are TEC-9s.

I own M21s, but they're in pieces. I have to reassemble them, get a cool scope to put on them. Also we have M21s that just came back from Iraq, I can also take some pics of those.

Nice job

Hey, nice job on the Jurassic Park page, and the other pages you did over the weekend, and also I think you forgot to put A Beautiful Mind on your Pages Built list. Alienqueen11

Re: Nice Job

I understand what you mean, I have school as well, and I understand the weekends are going to be the only times when you can make something big for awhile. Anyway, good luck, and keep up the good work. Alienqueen11

M1911 shots by MPM2008

I am getting some shots of some pristine Early 20th century and World War 2 era M1911s and M1911A1s, so be patient. I also am trying to get beauty shots of a lot of the classic handguns. I got a collector who has mint condition examples of lots of these classic guns and I am scheduling a shoot with him and his collection next week. MoviePropMaster2008


About the Uzi page, you might want to leave a note on Bunni's talk page, he'll probably know what to do.--Alienqueen11 18:05, 4 October 2008 (UTC)

Training Day Revolver

You want evidence, and an argument, you got one. First off, The S&W Model 66 is made of stainless steel, and not carbon steel plated with nickel. Model 19s were originally released with blue or nickel finishes. Second, A snub nosed, round butt Model 19 is a dime a dozen across the states. Here's a picture resembling the one from Training Day.

Look at the picture on the Training Day page, and they look identical, very identical, more so than any Taurus I have seen, or can find on the internet. No it doesn't have the emblem on the side, but that can be sanded off, photoshopped, or just not visible. None of us KNOW what this is, but I do KNOW my argument and my gun makes the most sense, above an Instant Backup, above a lot of things. Thank you for your time.

Call of Duty 4 Pictures

I have Pictures for guns in Call of Duty 4, but I have no clue how to get them to work

I've given up trying, and would just like to know who to send them to,

Pictures for: The Single player M4s [All three], Winchester M1200, M92 Krinkov, M21, And the USP

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