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A company, which produces a single product and uses a standard costing system, has prepared thefollowing budgeted information for month 1Sales volume 1,000 unitsSelling price £80 per unitProduction 1,050 unitsDirect material cost per unit £5 per unitDirect labour cost per unit £6 per unitVariable production overhead cost per unit £2 per unitFixed production overhead cost per unit £25 per unitFixed and variable overheads are absorbed at a predetermined rate based on production unit output.No stocks existed at the start of month 1.Actual sales, production and costs relating to the period were as follows:Sales volume 900 unitsRevenue from sales £76,500Production 1,100 unitsDirect material, purchased and used. £6,000Direct labour £5,600Variable production overhead £2,800Fixed production overhead £28,250



Calculate for month 1:(i) the budgeted gross profit(ii) the actual gross profit.(6 marks)(b)

Calculate the following variances:(i) sales price(ii) sales volume profit(iii) total direct material(iv) total direct labour (v) total variable production overhead(vi) fixed production overhead expenditure(vii) fixed production overhead volume(11 marks)(c) Reconcile the budgeted gross profit with the actual gross profit using the variancescalculated in part (b).(3 marks)

(Total 20 marks)


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Certificate in Marketing Level 3

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