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Catholic Religion

The Catholic religion is one of the most recognized and practiced religions in the world. Many people who believe in God may refer to themselves as being Catholic or have been raised with Catholic beliefs. Some people live their lives based on the Catholic religion. They believe God will judge them and determine if they will go to heaven or hell upon death. They may find salvation in God if they have sinned and are seeking forgiveness. Few believe the act of salvation will come through God's son Jesus Christ. While the religion has various holy beliefs millions practice regularly, there are elements that continue to pose levels of controversy for true believers.

An important figure of the Catholic religion is the pope. This is the leader of the religion that is considered a high teaching authority. Many who follow this religion learn the significance of helping others less fortunate or weak. Catholics learn that suffering is a way God helps his children learn and is a form of being tested. This is believed to help strengthen faith in Him. The bible is another important aspect of the religion. It helps believers learn how God created man, but helps people understand how suffering was caused from Adam and Eve. Their actions early on disobeyed God and supposedly lead to pain and suffering caused by Satan.

The religion has is tough spots and areas of high sensitivity. Many Catholics are against abortion and feel it is murder. Examples of sinful acts include being gay, lesbian or homosexual. Marriage is sacred with remarrying or divorce considered unacceptable. Few do not believe in the death penalty. The religion has firm beliefs of its own that contrast or clash with other beliefs. Many feel you can only be a true Catholic if you are raised and taught the beliefs from infancy. Others feel God will forgive for sins when one repents with confession.

The Catholic religion makes it clear people are already saved through the love of Jesus Christ. It is said that when you pray or want to speak to God it is done through His son Christ the Lord. Even though there are elements of the religion people have yet to learn, you get an idea of how things should be through the eyes of God. For true believers finding salvation in a good faith-based church and in God is very important if they want to rid themselves of sin and go to heaven.

What Is Religion? Essay

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What is religion? Each person’s definition of religion is different. Each person’s faith is different. This is a question that has been asked for centuries, and regardless of the answer given there is no right or wrong answer. Religion can be defined as a group of people who have shared beliefs who feel their life has purpose or meaning. This feeling or belief that their life has meaning can come from outside of themselves, as well as within. Taking this one step further, these shared beliefs put into action in the form of worship, can be easily identified because they happen regularly. It can be said the Primal religions were in fact not religions. Some may argue Confucianism is not a religion. Others may say Taoism is not a…show more content…

They are teachings learned by previous generations then passed down, they are not always actions. The fifth feature of religion is grace. Grace is defined by Smith as “the belief and assurance that reality is on our side and can be counted on.” Lastly there is mystery. For this there is no exact definition, but it is all of what a religion cannot explain, it is all that the human mind cannot grasp, it is the certain “higher power” that religion offers. Of these six features, there are three that are present in most all religions, they are: authority, tradition, and mystery. Authority, tradition, and mystery further explore and define religion when looking specifically at Primal Religions, Confucianism, and Taoism. Primal Religions are often mistaken to be the religion of the primitive man, often thought to be unintelligent. There is a definition of “primal” that is better suited than unintelligent or primitive. Primal in terms of religion, refers to the lack of exposure to technology, it is not “knowing” the state of consciousness given to many by the technological environment. Primal religions preceded organized religion as we know it today by thousands of years, in some cases millions, but are still present in the world today; we now call them tribal religions. Within primal religions there are people who are knowledgeable about life, who are knowledgeable about
Defining Religion-4 traditions, and who are

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