Acc 290 Week 4 Team Assignment Tracking

Comparative Analysis Problem:, Inc. vs. Wal-Mart StoresThe Inventory turnover is the ra±o that will shows how many diferent ±mes in a year, that the business convert’s it’s inventory into sales. When doing inventory For a business it ensures to make sure that there is enough inventory that will contrast to the amount oF sales and the levels that are need. With having higher ra±o indicates that business is perForming stronger since many oF their customers come to purchase their items that are in stock. But having lower turnover ra±o can show that there are Few customers are purchasing From that business and these can thus the sales to be lower and will have inventory that is s±ll high.The receivables turnover oF the Wal-Mart Corpora±on is very close to that oF the Amazon company. But Wal-Mart Corpora±on are somewhat higher then Amazon. These would mean that Wal-Mart has upper hand to more sales that are possibly, because some oF their sales are most oF their products are purchase with cash basis and that can thereFore extend credit to more customers easier. Now, Amazon seems to be more on selling more on credit. Switch means most oF their debtors have not paid For their purchase and gives more credit sales that will lower the amount oF sales that come in. To have be²er understanding oF the inventory turnovers can be explain very easy. To get the inventory turnover ra±o inForma±on. There are annual reports that can Found For both companies on their ³nancial repor±ng that’s on their website. But beFore ge´ng the inForma±on From annual reports. Some

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Herlina Pryor
EXP 105 – Final Reflection Assignment

Learning to me is allowing your brain to receive information and then applying in to your life experiences. I feel like face to face learning is better, however, online is more convenient. I prefer face to face because it offers a more personal relationship with your classmates and your professor. Although it is not practical for my life, I do wish I could attend classes in a regular environment. Online provides me that much needed space and opportunity to move at my own pace. Now that I have taken this class, I know that while I am receiving information I will be more aware of the information being delivered because I will now be more intentional with receiving the information.
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It is truly not my strong suit. I was rated at a 28 for confluence. I like working with a team. It lets me be creative. I say that to say that I am willing to take lots of risks and do it different. That is the plus with working with a group, there are so many different ideas that can be shared with a group. That way things aren’t done as a routine. Also, I like to share my way of doing things and most people are very receptive to that.
I realized, while learning about my patterns, that I can either utilize my patterns to its full potential or I can FIT it to the project that I’m doing. Now that I’m more aware of my way of understanding and receiving information I can be a more intentional learning. Being able to utilize my critical reading and writing skills I can be more successful in making it through school. Before I knew my pattern of learning, I would just read a lot of information without decoding how I can apply it for better understanding.
The hardest part of understanding my learning pattern is that because I know it, and I know my capabilities, I will have to teach myself how study and read information with intention. When you have done something a certain way all your life, it’s hard to change the way you receive information. I will practice being more conscious of how I’m taking in the information for a particular task or project. Some of the same advice I read from my peers on week 3 of the class will

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