Globe Text Promo Abroad Assignment

When In Manila, you would know that we are dubbed as the “texting capital of the world”. You would also know that we’re known to being up to date with the latest gizmos and applications that goes with it. Globe Telecom, one of the leading telco company in the country, recently sealed an exclusive partnership with global technology firm Viber to offer unlimited promos with the widely used application for smartphones.

The Globe Prepaid GoUNLI25 which is a prepaid promo that offers unlimited texts and calls to Globe and TM subscribers. It is now bundled with unlimited Viber Chat services without the need to connect to a Wi-Fi network and it wouldn’t add any data charges for the Globe prepaid subscriber.

“We are happy and excited to collaborate with Viber as their exclusive Philippine telco partner to expand their presence and user base in the country,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe Telecom. “The partnership is in line with our strategy to explore new revenue streams beyond call and text services, becoming a full-fledged digital brand,” he added.

Globe Telecom’s Senior Advisor for Consumer Business, Mr. Peter Bithos; and Viber’s CEO, Mr. Talmon Marco.

The partnership with Globe and Viber is “another first in the Philippines” as it will surely help prepaid subscriber to get the most out of their promo subscription. The new bundled promos will also help “to connect with their families and friends, not only within the same network, but also with other networks here and abroad. Our prepaid subscribers can use Viber all-they-want, anytime, anywhere, worry-free – and that’s a Globe guarantee,” Bithos added.

Talmon Marco, Viber’s CEO, was present in the press event and presented the expansion plan of Viber in the coming months. Ha said that “Viber is excited to partner with Globe Telecom as we endeavor to grow our footprint in the Philippines. Globe understand the needs of its consumers evolve and is very aggressive in leading the digital lifestyle of its subscribers.”

Viber lets everyone in the world connect, freely! Viber users can send free text messages, photo and video messages and even share locations anywhere in the world. The application can also make HD-quality calls on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones over 3G/4G connection of Globe Telecom.


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Enjoy your subscription of GoUNLI25 with Nokia Lumia 720.

Globe Telecom now offers unlimited Viber promos

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